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We Are Portland’s Only James Hardie® Siding Contractor to
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Lifetime Remodeling Systems is the only James Hardie Siding contractor that specializes in Hardieplank installation and offers design consultations to give your home the ultimate curb appeal in Portland. As one of the 1st Hardie Elite Preferred companies in Portland we will help develop an exterior design that you will love adding tremendous return on investment (and enjoyment) to your siding replacement project. It’s one of the reasons why after 25 years, we are still one of the top rated and best-reviewed siding replacement companies in Oregon.

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“We hired Lifetime to do a complete exterior remodel including new siding, insulation, roofing, windows, and exterior paint. Gino and his team were professional, detailed and responsive through the entire process. Things came up as they do in any project and their communication style and follow through have been great. I highly recommend Lifetime Remodeling Systems for any home projects and would use them again.”

~ Nick H.– Portland, Oregon

With James Hardie®, Exterior Design
Options Are Endless

Portland's Hardieplank Leader Since 1997
When it comes to creating and designing your home’s exterior, you need beautiful products to work with. That’s exactly what James Hardie delivers. No matter the overall look and feel you’re aiming for, our in-house design team can help you make the best Hardieplank selections for your home’s exterior. A well designed exterior not only feels great to come home to every day, it increases your return on investment versus standard siding replacement.

Exterior Design Is Our Focus
We don't just reside our clients homes, we design the exterior to maximize our clients enjoyment, as well as maximize their return on investment on their Hardieplank siding replacement project. Utilizing tools like HOVER we are able to create digital renderings for our clients allowing them to soo exactly what their project will look like before construction begins.

James Hardie® Artisan Lap Siding

Artisan Lap Siding

Craftsman Siding Replacement | Hardie Artisan Lap Siding
Hardieplank Artisan lap siding is a great option for clients looking for a more traditional 3/4" cedar lap siding look on their home while avoiding the constant maintenance that cedar siding requires.

Hardieplank's Artisan lap siding collection allows for the bold shadow lines and upscale appearance typically attributed to cedar siding giving our clients another design option to differentiate the exterior of their homes design while minimizing the maintenance required to keep the exterior of their home looking great for years to come.
Portland siding james hardie

James Hardie® Architectural Collection

James Hardie Siding Installation Portland

Hardieplank Stucco Panel

EIFS Replacement | Hardieplank Architectural Panel
Hardieplank's new Architectural Collection Stucco Panel is a great choice for clients looking for an upscale, stucco look for their home without paying the high-cost of traditional stucco siding. Hardieplank Architectural Stucco Panel can be used both in a traditional manner with the standard 4x8 sheets, as well as a more modern aesthetic with their Grooved Stucco Panel giving our clients all of the design options that they need to get the exact look they want on their next Hardieplank siding project.

HardiePlank® Smooth Lap Siding &  HardieShakes

Hardie Lap Siding & HardieShakes

Craftsman Renovation | Hardieplank Lap Siding & HardieShake Accent
As stated above Hardieplank smooth lap siding is a great way to emulate the cedar lap siding on older homes throughout the Portland metro area. We can also utilize HardieShakes to further enhance the exterior curb appeal, and traditional look on the craftsman homes in Portland that we reside. HardieShakes match the traditional look of cedar shakes including a wider keyway (space between the shakes), a randomized grain pattern creating a realistic, cedar look, with the durability that comes with a fiber-cement siding. Our Hardieplank and HardieShake projects are built to last for 30+ years, minimize costly maintenance and improve the curb appeal of your homes exterior for years to come.
Portland siding james hardie

HardiePlank® Smooth Lap Siding

Portland siding james hardie

Hardieplank Smooth Lap Siding

Craftsman Siding Replacement | Hardieplank Smooth Lap Siding
Hardieplank smooth lap siding is a great choice for our clients residing older homes such as this 1920's craftsman relic. By utilizing Hardieplank smooth lap siding we are able to replicate the old cedar siding of the early 1900's while minimizing the expensive upkeep and maintenance that cedar siding requires. With Hardieplank's smooth lap siding lineup we can maintain the tradition look of older homes while maximizing the durability of the replacement siding ensuring it is the last siding replacement project our clients will need to do.

James Hardie® Siding Collection - Shiplap Siding

About This Project

Craftsman Renovation | Hardieplank Design Collection
This was an exterior renovation on a craftsman home in NE Portland. We replaced the siding with Hardieplank Artisan premium lap siding (6”reveal), installed a craftsman window/door trim package, installed cellulose blow in insulation, and painted the entire home with Sherwin Williams paint. 

By utilizing Hardieplank Artisan lap siding we were able to maintain the thick shadow lines of the original cedar shake siding due to Artisans ¾” butt edge creating an upscale look for the homeowner with the added durability of Hardie fiber cement. This is another instance where we dig deep into the Hardieplank line up of products to match the original siding on the house.

In this instance it was the Hardieplank Design Collection shiplap that allowed us to restore the siding in a similar style while adding the durability only Hardieplank can provide.
Portland siding james hardie

Areas We Offer James Hardie Installation and Design Services

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say About Our Portland James Hardie® Installation and Design Services

“Gino and his crew did an excellent job replacing the siding on my house. I had old cedar siding that was falling apart and needed replaced. Gino responded quickly to my request for a free estimate to install HardiePlank siding. He was very professional and the price of the estimate was good. The crew did the work on schedule and cleaned up afterwards. They went above and beyond my expectations. My house looks amazing. I would definitely hire them again.”

- Garrett H.
“When we began our search for a quality company to remove our Stucco siding and replace it with Hardie Plank siding we had no idea what to expect.  We did the normal thing and got three bids.  They were all comparable and seemed qualified to do the job.  One went to extreme detail while another made it short and sweet.  Why did we chose Lifetime Remodeling Systems to install close to 5,000 square feet of Hardie Plank on our home? It boiled down to meeting Gino, the President of the company who personally came out to pitch their abilities to do the job.  He listened to our needs and formulated a job scope that his company could stand behind with their high standards, yet still managed to tailor the job around our needs.  In other words he was flexible from the beginning.  Once the job was awarded to Lifetime Remodeling Systems, we were treated to why we made the right choice.  Gino is a tireless worker, he is there for you. You want the quintessential customer service?  You get that with Gino, it’s built into his DNA.  At every turn throughout the whole process, you get calm and collected. I am not talking just about Gino, I am talking about everyone working in his organization; especially the team on the job site.  Everyone was polite, responsive and respectful.  Updates with pictures of the job were delivered regularly without prompting.  Return calls were almost instant.  No need to search out every siding company, just do yourself a favor and call Gino, then relax!”

- John G.
“I recently changed the siding on my 1953 ranch and selected Lifetime Remodeling Systems as my contractor. I was out of town when Gino did the estimate with my wife and he arrived with numerous samples and brochures and took the time to explain, in detail, all steps involved in the siding project as well as explaining the Hardieplank product as well as the various options available to us. Gino's detailed estimate arrived that afternoon and after our due diligence with other bidders we awarded LRS the job.Gino & his lead man Jaime carried out the work as expeditiously as possible and when issues arose, as they always do, they offered us choices and worked diligently to solve them to our satisfaction. The finished product was better than I expected and I could not have chosen a better contractor to carry out the work and deliver a better finished product than I had expected.I would not hesitate to recommend LRS to anyone who wants a quality product at a fair price. They are excellent!”

- Stephen S.
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FAQs About James Hardie® Siding

Does Hardieplank® Have Good Return On Investment Versus Other Siding Types?

Hardieplank Has The #1 ROI Of Any Exterior Siding
Hardieplank has ranked #1 for ROI in the Cost vs. Value report in Remodeling Magazine for 12 straight years.

Is James Hardie® Siding Protected By Warranty?

Provided that your installer follows the James Hardie Best Practices Guide, all James Hardie siding comes with a 30-year lifetime warranty. As James Hardie Elite Preferred contractors, we guarantee proper installation to meet warranty requirements.

We also offer a Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty on all of our Hardieplank installations protecting our clients from any installation based failure for as long as they own their home. This warranty is fully transferable within 5 years of the project's completion should you choose to sell your home.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing James Hardie® Siding for My Home Exterior?

There are many benefits to choosing James Hardie siding for your Portland home, including:

Is James Hardie® Siding Built to Stand Up Against the Pacific Northwest Climate?

Hardieplank | The Best Option For the NW Climate
The fiber cement composition of James Hardie siding provides excellent durability and dimensional stability, allowing it to withstand the constant exposure to moisture, rain, and fluctuating temperatures characteristic of the Pacific Northwest. This material is highly resistant to warping, cracking, and deterioration, ensuring that the siding maintains its structural integrity over time. Need more information on how much new siding costs for your home? Check out our blog post on How Much Does It Cost To Replace my Siding In Portland for a more detailed breakdown on replacement siding, types and costs.

What Is a James Hardie® Elite-Preferred Contractor?

One Of Portland’s 1st Hardie Elite Preferred Contractors
A James Hardie Elite-Preferred Contractor is a status awarded to companies that meet a specific set of standards. To ensure the highest quality installation and customer satisfaction, James Hardie Elite-Preferred siding contractors adhere to rigorous standards and practices. They undergo regular and random installation audits conducted by James Hardie, ensuring compliance with industry best practices. These professionals maintain a professional sales approach and have a satisfactory record with reputable agencies such as the BBB. They possess state licenses, liability insurance coverage of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence, and workman's compensation insurance. Moreover, they undergo thorough background checks, including feedback from at least six past clients, to provide peace of mind and assurance of their reliability. As one of the first James Hardie Elite-Preferred contractors in Portland, you can count on Lifetime Remodeling Systems for expert James Hardie siding installation.

How Long Should My Paint Job Last On A Properly Installed Hardieplank® Reside?

Premium Siding & Premium Paint Means Less Maintenance
A properly installed Hardieplank job painted with premium latex paint such as Benjamin Moore Regal Select should last 12-15 years before repainting is required. The installation of your new siding isn’t just about the siding itself, it includes a new building envelope and flashing systems that are integral to your new paint job to stand the test of time. 

Upgraded Building Envelope & Flashing Systems Make A Huge Difference!
A properly installed building envelope including Hydrogap drainable housewrap, & upgraded flashing systems promoting proper drainage can extend the life of a high-quality exterior latex paint by 3-5 years. For darker colors you can expect 12-15 years before repainting, for mid tone and lighter colors we’ve had clients that have gone 15+ years before repainting is required.

My Neighbor Had To Have Their Hardieplank® Replaced Within 10 Years. Is It A Bad Product?

Proper Installation Is Key
Hardieplank siding is one of the most popular siding types used in the Northwest due to its durability, high fire rating and ability to hold paint 30% longer than applicable wood products. Unfortunately, because so much Hardieplank has been installed much of it has been installed poorly by sub-par installation crews. 

A properly installed Hardieplank job should last a minimum of 35 years and in our opinion, much longer than that. If installed correctly, with a proper building envelope and flashing system your Hardieplank job will be the last siding that you put on your home. Unfortunately the average siding replacement job last 11.7 years (per Remodeling Magazine) due to the faulty installation methods used on the original installation including:
When choosing a siding contractor to reside your home the focus should be on their quality control process, and who their installers are as that is what will ensure your new Hardieplank siding project will stand the test of time.

Can I Use Hardieplank To Restore My Older Home?

Using Hardieplank To Restore Your Older Home
We have been using Hardieplank products for over 15 years to restore old homes in the Portland metro area. Many siding replacement companies only use one or two of Hardie’s available siding lines which don’t match the original aesthetic of an older turn of the century, craftsman or mid-century home. We use all of Hardieplank’s available siding types to help design and update our clients exterior while maintaining the historical look of the home. Hardieplank is a great way to upgrade the durability, and longevity of your home's exterior while maintaining the look and feel of your home's original exterior.Here are some examples of the product lines we use to restore older homes with Hardieplank components:
Craftsman Reside: We typically use a smooth Hardie lap siding with a 4 or 5 inch reveal to emulate the original cedar lap siding of the 1920’s. Our trim packages are typically 5/4 x6 HardieTrim to match the craftsman style seen on many Portland bungalows. Working with our color consultant to pick from Benjamin Moores historical color palette puts on the finishing touches for our craftsman renovations.

Mid Century Modern: A 6 inch, smooth Hardie lap siding is perfect for our mid-century modern projects as it emulates the ¾” cedar that we typically see during the 1940’s and 1950’s. We can also upgrade to the Hardieplank Artisan lineup if our clients want to maintain that ¾” cedar look that was typical during this time period. To really modernize we can utilize the Hardieplank Artisan shiplap giving a smooth surface with minimal shadow lines for the ultimate modern look. 

A 5/4x3 window trim package (3” wide) gives that minimalist look that helps to maintain that clean, modern aesthetic. Working with our color consultant to choose a more modern color scheme helps to make our mid century exterior renovations pop!
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