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Siding Replacement | How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of replacing siding your home can vary depending on several factors including;

  • The Size of your house
  • The Age of your house
  • The Type of siding material you choose
  • The Complexity of the installation
Cedar Siding Replacement Project | Portland, OR

The Age Of Your Home

How old your house is obviously has a lot to do with the total cost of your siding replacement project. Older homes have what we call the "Old House Tax" as there is typically a lot more work that is involved including;

  • Multiple layers of siding to remove
  • Lead remediation
  • Asbestos remediation
  • Intricate trim details not common on newer homes
  • Smaller reveal of the lap siding, or a custom siding that needs to be matched
  • More intricate painting details

Lifetime Remodeling Systems specializes in working on older homes specifically homes built between 1900 and 1940. These homes typically need major upgrades not only for the siding, trim and painting but structural upgrades/repairs, the building envelope, energy efficiency components and flashing systems including;

  • Structural repairs due to dry rot, or out of code building techniques (such as using 2x4 terminated into the dirt to support a 2nd story bedroom over the front covered porch!)
  • The installation of a drainable building envelope such as HydroGap drainable housewrap promoting drainage and airflow behind the newly installed siding
  • The installation of new flashing components such as HydroFlash SAM, Z metal flashing, deck metal, kick out flashing etc....
  • Cellulose blow in insulation such as GreenFiber to insulate the exterior walls
  • Energy efficient windows such as Milgard Tuscany or Ultra Series ultra efficient replacement windows

Typical Cost Of Siding Replacement On Older Homes

Siding replacement costs for older homes (built before 1940) vary greatly depending on the amount of work to be done. We've listed some general pricing guidelines below to help you formulate a range for what to expect on your siding replacement project for an older home;

Smaller Homes (less than 1500 s/f): 30-40k
Mid Size Homes
(1500 s/f to 2500 s/f) 40-55k
Larger Homes (2500 s/f and up): 50-85k

Typical Cost Of Siding Replacement On Newer Homes

Siding replacement on newer homes doesn't require all of the upgrades that older homes typically require, however they are usually larger than the older homes that we reside. We've listed some general pricing guidelines below to help you formulate a range for what to expect on your siding replacement project for a newer home (Built after 1980);

Smaller Homes (1500-2500 s/f): 30-45k
Mid Size Homes: (2500-3500 s/f): 45-60k)
Larger Homes: (3500-6000 s/f): 60-100k

Hardieplank Shiplap Series

The Types Of Siding Materials You Choose Impacts The Cost Of Your Siding Replacement

The siding types we use to reside our clients homes are as follows;

  • Hardieplank Siding
  • Cedar Siding
  • Cultured Stone siding

Hardieplank Siding Costs

Hardieplank siding is one of the most cost effective replacement siding materials that you can put on your home. Hardieplank won the Best Return On Investment 11 years straight in the exterior siding category in Remodeling Magazine's Cost vs. Value report. Hardieplank is also very durable as it is made of cement thus it doesn't expand and contract like other siding types allowing it to hold paint longer than wood based siding products. Hardieplank has a standard line as well as their Artisan line. The standard line is typically 25-35% less expensive than applicable wood siding products, the Aspyre line falls into the price range of premium cedar, but still has the advantages of it's cement components allowing for less maintenance over time.

Hardie's cost advantages are as follows;

  • Won best ROI in the Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value Report 11 straight years
  • Based on it's cement components it is more durable than wood based siding types allowing tit to hold paint longer, extending the repainting window thus reducing the cost of repainting your home (typically you should get between 12 and 15 years between repaints on a properly installed Hardieplank job)
  • Versus applicable premium wood siding (i.e cedar) Hardieplank is typically 25-35% less expensive

Here's the price ranges of the Hardieplank lineup of products;

  • Standard Hardieplank Lap Siding (Least Expensive)
  • Hardieplank Artisan Collection (More Expensive)
  • Hardieplank Architectural Panel (Most Expensive)

Cedar Siding Costs

Cedar siding is known throughout the NW as a premium siding option exhibiting warmth, and a high-end feel to any home needing siding replacement. Cedar is typically at the higher end of the cost range and there are a wide varieties of cedar meaning there are a wide variety of price ranges for a replacement siding project.

Cedar Lap Siding: Cedar lap is the least expensive lineup in the cedar siding family and the costs break down as follows;

  • 1/2" Cedar Lap (Least Expensive)
  • 3/4" Cedar Lap (Most Expensive)

Cedar Shake Siding: Cedar shake is more expensive than cedar lap siding due to the higher material and installation costs and breaks down as follows;

  • 7" Reveal Cedar Shake (Least Expensive)
  • 5" Reveal Cedar Shake (More Expensive)
  • Striated Cedar Shake w/ a 15" (or more) Reveal: (Most Expensive)

Cultured Stone Siding Costs

Cultured Stone is the most expensive of the siding types we install which is why it is typically used as an accent, or on the front of the house for added curb appeal with less expensive siding types such as Hardieplank or cedar on the sides and the back of the home.

  • Most expensive of all the siding types due to the elevated material and installation costs
  • Great ROI when used as an accent on the front of the home as it adds a high-end feel, and look

Hardieplank Architectural Panel

The Complexity Of The Siding Installation Affects The Overall Cost

We do many types of siding replacement projects and they vary in complexity when it comes to the installation of the project. For example an EIFS replacement project is much more expensive than a standard siding replacement project due to the removal of the EIFS cladding, the special insurance required for the project, the extensive dry rot that is usually found on these projects and the high end siding components that are typically necessary to reside the home and keep it within the design specs of the neighborhood.

Things to consider that may affect the cost of your replacement siding project;

  • Siding Type Being Removed: EIFS, & old cedar with lead based paint are more expensive than removing Hardieplank, LP, or cedar)
  • Accessibility: How easy is it for us to set up on the project? Is your house on a cliffside requiring scaffolding or do we have uninhibited access around the entire home
  • Siding Type Being Installed: As discussed above there are three main types of siding types for your siding replacement project including Hardieplank, Cedar and Cultured Stone. The costs for these products vary greatly and often we combine these siding components to achieve the exterior design that our clients are after also affecting the cost of the siding replacement project.

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