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5 Reasons To Remodel Your Kitchen
There are many reasons our clients decide that it's time to renovate their kitchen space. Here are 5 of the most popular reasons we've seen this year;

Deterioration: Sometimes your kitchen is just falling apart and needs to be replaced. Many people don't understand the design process and choose to replace everything as is missing out on an opportunity to re-arrange the kitchen layout making it more modern and user friendly.

Modernize: Many kitchens are outdated and need updating. Many kitchens have cramped layouts, are shut in by unnecessary walls not allowing for good flow to the rest of the house for entertaining, have outdated cabinets or appliances or tacky tile that drags down the value of the home (think early 90's). If you have an outdated kitchen look at this as an opportunity to recreate your kitchen into the space you've always wanted!

ROI: Remodeling your kitchen can create tremendous value and add equity to your home. That is if it's done right. Many kitchen remodels are poorly designed, creating confusing layouts, improper materials that don't fit the style of the home which diminishes the return on equity (and enjoyment) that a homeowner can get from their remodel. At LRS we take layout, design and material choices seriously making sure we are in tune with your home's style and originality insuring that you not only get a kitchen you love, but one that adds tremendous value to your home.

Lifestyle: Many kitchens just don't fit with our homeowners lifestyle. For example, a kitchen that is shut off from the rest of the house is a problem for today's homeowners as it doesn't allow for proper flow. Kitchens should be easily accessible from the adjacent rooms allowing for easier access whether you're entertaining, or utilizing a breakfast nook for your kids. Some of our clients love to cook and want a more "professional" cooking environment to fully enjoy their passion for cooking. Whatever your lifestyle choice make sure your kitchen is designed to enhance your lifestyle.

Children: Many of our clients have children or are about to add a new member to the family which causes them to consider a kitchen remodel. There are many reasons having children can lead to a kitchen remodel including the need for additional cooking & storage space, a safer kitchen environment (newer, safer appliances, eliminating sharp counter edges), & accessibility (lower cabinets to access kids food) to name a few.

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Contact Us or call us @ 503.242.4242 to start the kitchen remodeling process. One of our in-house project consultants will call you directly, answer questions and schedule a 1 hour in-home consultation to determine your budget, your wants and needs and discuss possible design solutions for your remodeling project.

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