Exploring Diverse Hardie Board Siding Styles: A Comprehensive Guide to the Design Options for Your Home

Have you examined sample after sample of siding options for your home but still feel unsure about which to settle on? It can be hard to predict the overall effect a given style can have on your home’s appearance.

You also want to choose siding for its practicality. Balancing these factors can be challenging, especially with the many James Harding siding options available. 

Hardie board is highly prized for being superior in quality to other types of siding. We’ll explain all the different styles of Hardie board siding so you can make the most appropriate practical and aesthetic choice of siding for your home.

Table of Contents

  • Are There Different Types of Hardie Board Siding?
  • What Are the Different Styles of Hardie Board Siding?
  • Does Hardie Board Come in Different Patterns?
  • Lifetime Remodeling Systems Is a Pioneering Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor in the Portland Metro Region

Are There Different Types of Hardie Board Siding?

Yes, there is a wide variety of Hardie board siding options to accommodate your aesthetic goals. Our inventory can supply all the details to make your home historically and architecturally congruous with your target style, whether it be Colonial, Victorian, Craftsman, or modern.

All Hardie board siding brands are made of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers that combine to make a durable and attractive material that is an excellent choice for protecting and embellishing your home.

At Lifetime Remodeling Systems, we want you to stay happy with the siding you ultimately decide on. If you want to be confident about your decision, it may be helpful to consider what other homeowners have chosen to use. Some increasingly popular trends include:

  • A monochromatic scheme
  • Dark and bold colors or accents
  • High contrast colors 
  • Decorative wood panels or trim (several types of Hardie board look like wood)
  • Mixed and matched textures giving your home some personality while enhancing the overall design
  • Vertical siding or paneling, unconventional elements that add a sense of height to your home

Another way you can gain confidence about your design choices is by using HOVER, our visualization tool that provides visual renderings of given design options. This way, you can adjust your preferences before the work is underway.

What Are the Different Styles of Hardie Board Siding?

Hardie board siding may carry a higher price than other types, but its amazing appearance and durability make investing in it worthwhile. Its superior fire protection ensures that it will not ignite when exposed to flame (it boasts a Class A fire rating), and it can withstand the elements in different climates. Maintenance and repair are relatively easy.

Lifetime Remodeling Systems regularly installs this luxury siding option for our clients. Contact us today to discuss your home’s exterior design and how we can achieve it using any of the types of Hardie board siding presented below. 

Our project consultants each have 10 to 20 years of experience in the field for which they provide counsel. Your project will be managed by a single consultant from start to finish. This allows you to simplify your home remodeling experience.

HardiePlank® Lap Siding

This best-selling James Hardie product comes in several different types. It can add to the value of your home and even reduce energy costs due to its insulative properties. You can choose just about any color. It’s important to order the color you want because painting it can void the warranty.

Select Cedarmill®

This siding has a deeply grooved, soft texture and mimics the appearance of cedar wood without the degradative problems associated with wood, such as swelling when wet or shrinking when dry. This type is especially effective on homes in a natural environment, such as cabins, or in the colonial style.


Smooth siding looks sleek and modern without the grainy appearance of wood. While it doesn’t look textured, it gives a charming, polished look. It is simple, yet elegant — perfect if you desire a subtle, neutral appearance.

Beaded Cedarmill®

Much like select cedar, this siding has a beaded bottom edge that gives more dimension. This modern twist makes beaded cedarmill a more stylish option.

Beaded Smooth

This type is smooth, without grains and texture, but has a beaded bottom edge that makes it more visually interesting. Beaded smooth siding is good for Craftsman-style homes, modern townhouses, and newer constructions.

Hardie™ Architectural Collection

Personalize your home’s exterior design by utilizing some of the unique, textured options from the architectural collection. This siding features deep shadow lines from thick boards that can be installed vertically or horizontally. 

Besides choosing siding cut specially to create different visual effects, you can opt for various textures, including:

  • Fine sand: This smooth, even, and consistent texture is attractive when paired with shiplap joints to enhance the unbroken (unlined) exterior. 
  • Fine sand-grooved:  A smooth and even texture with grooves milled into the panel every 16 inches.
  • Mounded sand: A rough, uneven texture, usually enhanced visually by being paired with shiplap joints.
  • Sea grass: Gentle-flowing vertical lines create a dynamic, natural feel.

Artisan Square Channel Siding

This siding is cut at a precise right angle, creating wideset channels between boards. The edge of one board has a recessed area along the back that receives that shaped top-rear edge of the board beside or below it, making it watertight. This can complement a traditional or modern aesthetic. 

Artisan Shiplap Siding

This siding consists of long, narrow boards with a distinctive groove between each board. The shiplap edge, or groove, of one board overlaps with the board beside it, creating a tight, weather-resistant fit.

Shiplap siding looks much like cedar siding with its distinct lines and helps achieve either a modern or rustic effect on both the interior and exterior of your home.

Artisan V Groove

V groove siding has a V-shaped groove between boards, giving your home a unique and attractive look often achieved by wood, but with better performance against the elements. The grooves add depth, creating light and shadowy areas along each board.

Artisan Lap

Boards in this style seem to overlap like traditional siding, but their extra thickness provides a more striking, luxurious appearance. Artisan lap blends well into mitered corners. It is fade-resistant, immune to damage by pests, and made with ingredients that have low toxicity.

HardieShingle® Siding

Shingle siding can add character to any style of home, but it is usually associated with the Cape Cod style. It gives the special look of cedar shingles but requires less maintenance.

Staggered Edge Panel

A staggered shingle arrangement is inviting and laid-back, good for a cottage or ranch-style home. The staggered edge helps your home stand out positively among the houses with more ordinary siding in your neighborhood.

Straight Edge Panel

Shingles are arranged in a straight line and have a different effect depending on the style of the house. Straight edge panel siding, much like shake siding (which comes from cedar wood), can soften the look of a modern home, refine the look of a rustic home, or contribute to the sophistication of a modern-style home.

HardiePanel® Vertical Siding

Vertical siding, besides being easier to clean, can add visual interest to your home. It can be combined with horizontal siding or you can use it exclusively to create an elongated illusion.

Vertical siding can be a good choice for low porches, entryways, gables, and dormers.

Select Cedarmill®

Just like HardiePlank lap siding, select cedar mimics the appearance of real wood, but the boards are wider and oriented vertically.


This sleek, modern siding is also oriented vertically. Although smooth vertical siding has generally been used for commercial buildings, it can accentuate any style of residential home as well. 


Stucco has been a popular choice of siding for hundreds of years, so you might consider this style of HardiePlank if you’re going for a certain historical look. The texture is warm and inviting, and it will last longer since it’s composed of fiber cement.

Stucco is reminiscent of the Spanish or Mediterranean style or of homes in the southwestern United States. It can effectively be incorporated into modern homes as well.

Sierra 8

This textured siding mimics the appearance of real wood, with distinct lines in between vertical boards. It can be effective in creating either a farmhouse or a modern look but also adds depth and character to mountain homes and cabins. 

Does Hardie Board Come in Different Patterns?

Besides the different types of Hardie board siding we have discussed above, you can also choose patterns and colors from James Hardie’s collaboration with Magnolia Home.

Styles in this collection include plank, panel, and shingle styles. Textures can be smooth, rustic grain, or select cedar. You can choose these, as well as soffit and trim materials, in any of Joanna Gaines’s curated colors to make your design decisions easier.

Ultimately, you want a style and color scheme that expresses your personal style but also complements your home’s surroundings. The siding you choose should be harmonious with the style of your home.

Along with the services we provide, Lifetime Remodeling Systems will put you in touch with a Benjamin Moore color specialist who can help you decide on an attractive color scheme.

Lifetime Remodeling Systems Is a Pioneering Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor in the Portland Metro Region

Hardie board siding has an excellent warranty that covers damage from manufacturing defects, hail, and termites. Keep in mind that improper installation of the siding voids the warranty, so you’ll want to rely on a highly-trained company to install it.

Furthermore, the contractor you hire to install your siding should provide an installation-based warranty. Our Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty covers any installation-based failures. We are confident that our high-quality materials and the expertise of our remodeling crews will deliver you a finished product that will last as long as you live in your home.

Lifetime Remodeling Systems is a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor with specialized training to install Hardie board siding.

Lifetime Remodeling Systems has a 25-year history working for clients in the Portland metro area. We perform exterior (siding, windows, and roofing) and interior (kitchen, bathroom, and full home) remodeling. Our experienced professionals can accomplish all your remodeling needs.

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