Updating Exterior Siding: Stone Ideas That Make a Statement, Add Subtle Elements of Texture, or Create Cohesion or Contrast

You look around your block and realize your home needs a facelift. You want to add some sophistication, boost curb appeal, and maybe even increase the resale value. You like the idea of adding stone siding, but you are not sure where to start.

Stone siding is a great upgrade to your home’s exterior. We will guide you through stone siding ideas and the benefits. Read on for 10 ways to incorporate stone siding to elevate your home’s aesthetic. 

Table of Contents

  • Stone Siding Options: Natural vs. Veneer
  • 10 Stone Siding Ideas To Elevate Curb Appeal
  • Bold Stone Siding Ideas
  • Smaller Stone Siding Accent Ideas To Add Texture
  • Exterior Stone Siding Ideas To Create Balance Through Cohesion or Contrast
  • Lifetime Remodeling Systems: Stone Siding Design and Installation Services in the Greater Portland Metro Area

Stone Siding Options: Natural vs. Veneer

The material of the exterior of your home is rated one of the top most important exterior features of your home according to a 2020 survey. You want to choose a siding option that creates depth, visual interest, and timeless character to ensure your home stands out. 

Stone siding is a great option for achieving this. Its organic and natural material provides warmth while also adding unmatched sophistication. 

If you are considering adding stone siding to elevate your home’s aesthetic, you should consider the types: 

  • Natural Stone Siding: This siding material is made from real stone quarried from the earth, as the name suggests. 
  • Veneer Stone Siding: Manufactured stone siding offers the look of natural stone, but it is made from synthetic or engineered material. 

Benefits of Choosing Manufactured Stone Veneer for Your Home’s Siding

There are several benefits of using manufactured stone veneer:  

  • More customization: You are not as limited with manufactured veneer siding and have more style, shape, and color options than natural stone. This versatility in customization allows for your home to be tailored to your preferences and makes sure there is no other house like yours on the block. 
  • Time and cost savings: Material is less expensive with veneer siding. Installation is much more labor-intensive with natural stone siding due to the weight of the material. Therefore, transporting the material and labor costs are higher with natural stone siding. Installation is also longer with natural stone, given the difficulty to cut the material.
  • Authentic appearance: Modern manufactured stone veneer has all the characteristics of natural stone with all the previously mentioned benefits of veneer stone siding. This allows you to achieve the authentic appearance of stone siding without compromising on the advantages of customization and cost-savings.
  • Resale value: According to a 2022 study, adding manufactured stone veneer stands out as the second-best home project in terms of resale value. This study showed an impressive 91.4% cost recuperation, so you can feel at peace knowing it was a worthwhile home improvement. 

Lifetime Remodeling Systems offers 20+ years of experience in elevating home exteriors. At Lifetime Remodeling Systems, we use Cultured Stone, the top-of-the-line product for manufactured stone veneer.  

10 Stone Siding Ideas To Elevate Curb Appeal 

Whether you are ready to make a bold statement or add an accent, stone siding can go a long way in boosting curb appeal. The mix of textures makes your home stand out, leaving a lasting impression. Stone siding is also one of 2024’s top exterior trends, so you can feel good knowing you are staying up to date with the competitive housing market. 

At Lifetime Remodeling Solutions, our commitment goes beyond stone siding installation. We provide design services, guiding clients through various options and realizing their vision with 3D renderings using HOVER technology. 

Explore 10 inspiring exterior stone siding ideas that can take your home’s exterior to the next level. 

Bold Stone Siding Ideas

#1: Whole-Home Stone

Installing stone siding to the entire exterior of your home does not just enhance curb appeal, it transforms your home into a symbol of luxury and sophistication. Stone siding spanning the entire exterior elevates your home and guarantees it stands out prominently in your neighborhood. 

#2: One Level of Stone on a Multi-Level Home

Some homes look best by adding stone siding to one level of the home. This bold design style works best when something very clearly delineates a first level from a second level, such as a second-level deck or balcony. The dual material separating the levels not only adds depth to the exterior, but the stone siding also imparts a unique and custom feel to your home.  

#3: Large Accents 

Another way to add a bold statement to your exterior is by adding stone siding to a large accent feature. This could be wrapping your columns in stone, adding stone to your chimney, or creating a beautiful border along your garage. Adding stone siding turns these architectural elements into a captivating focal point that can really transform your home’s exterior. 

#4: A Grand Entry

The entryway of a home is a key design focal point for your home’s exterior and sets the overall tone for your home’s aesthetic. Incorporating stone around the door not only brings warmth and elegance to the entryway, it also enhances the curb appeal, creating a welcoming entry for guests. 

Smaller Stone Siding Accent Ideas To Add Texture

#5: Stone Wainscoting

Stone wainscotting involves adding the stone veneer to the bottom section of the home’s exterior wall. Not only does it add decorative interest to your home, but it also offers a protective layer against the wear and tear of your home. This versatile style adds sophistication to any style of home. 

#6: Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces make for an ideal canvas to add stone siding. The stone material blends with nature and adds authenticity to the space. Fireplaces, front porches, patios, and outdoor kitchens all make for great places to incorporate stone siding into the exterior of your home. 

#7: Isolated Area of Stone

Add design interest or create a focal point on the exterior of your home by adding an isolated area of stone. This selective application creates visual contrast and draws attention to the textures and elegance of the stone. It becomes a design statement and adds to the overall character of your home. 

Exterior Stone Siding Ideas To Create Balance Through Cohesion or Contrast

#8: Contrast Colors With Stone

Stone siding complements contrasting colors of the rest of the home’s exterior, creating a striking effect. For example, you can pair a light stone with dark paint, allowing the vibrant colors to pop or vice versa. The contrasting stone and paint result in a very balanced look. 

#9: Use Stone To Tie in Multiple Paint Colors

Most homes use several exterior paint colors. For example, shutters, trim, and the exterior door are often a different color than the rest of the home. Stone is a great way to tie in these colors to create a cohesive and balanced look. Stone’s textured nature creates a unifying element, allowing the other paint colors on the exterior of the home to be incorporated. 

#10: Make a Home Feel at One With Nature

Stone is a natural element. So, adding stone siding to the exterior of your home is a great way to incorporate nature and organic elements. Stone siding is a great way to complement mature landscaping, or if your home is in a more rural area, stone siding is a great way to tie in the natural surroundings. 

Lifetime Remodeling Systems: Stone Siding Design and Installation Services in the Greater Portland Metro Area

When choosing a contractor for stone siding, installation is critical. A study by the National Association of Realtors found that nine out of ten homes inspected with stone siding had installation issues. Ensuring the correct installation of stone veneer siding is crucial to prevent potential water damage.  

It’s important to find someone you can trust to do the job correctly and use the highest-end products. 

Lifetime Remodeling Systems stands out as Oregon's only award-winning remodeling contractor, providing unparalleled service. 

Beyond the installation of Cultured Stone, we go the extra mile, offering design consultation to guide you through the decision-making process with expertise and care. Our services extend to executing the design and ensuring the installation of stone siding with precision and care.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes Lifetime Remodeling Systems the go-to contractor for homeowners in the Portland area. 

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