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7 Steps To Find The Best Siding Contractor In Portland, OR

Are you planning a siding or exterior renovation project in Portland, OR? Finding the right contractor can make all the difference in ensuring your project is completed on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction. At Lifetime Remodeling Systems we are committed to educating our clients before the project starts to make sure they get a well designed project, and a great experience with our in-house team. Professional installation is crucial to avoid issues such as premature siding failure, water damage, mold, mildew, structural damage, and voiding the manufacturer's warranty, which can result from improper installation.

Here are seven steps to help you find the best contractor near you in Portland, OR...

1. Define Your Siding Replacement Needs

Before you start searching for a Portland siding replacement contractor, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of your project requirements. Determine the scope of work, budget, and timeline that you’re looking to achieve.

Important questions to ask your siding contractor;

  • Do they offer other services such as window replacement , roofing replacement & exterior carpentry allowing them to handle all of your exterior remodeling projects with one team?
  • Does the siding company offer 3D rendering design services such as HOVER to help you visualize your siding replacement project before it starts?
  • Do they have access to trades people (electricians and plumbers) in case there is work outside of their scope that needs to be completed?
  • What are the benefits of installing new siding, and which siding type should you consider?
    • Should you use fiber cement siding such as Hardieplank for its durability and resistance to pests, climate, moisture, and fire?
    • Or Cedar siding for its exceptional durability, natural insulation, and timeless aesthetic appeal, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for enhancing your home's curb appeal and energy efficiency.
Exterior Design Using HOVER
HOVER Exterior Renderings Help Our Homeowner's Visualize Their Project Before Construction

Does The Siding Contractor Offer Digital Design Services Such As HOVER

When considering a siding contractor for your siding replacement project, it's essential to inquire if they offer digital design services like HOVER. HOVER is a state-of-the-art exterior design software that creates detailed 3D models and photo-realistic renderings of your home's exterior so you can see what your home will look like before the siding replacement starts.

At Lifetime Remodeling Systems we utilize HOVER extensively with our clients for their cedar, and fiber cement siding projects. By working with our project consultants on the exterior design our clients love the finished product, and have the added benefit of maximizing their return on investment.

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2. References Specific To Your Siding Project

Not all references are created equal. Siding companies you work with should have references specific to your home. Working on a 100 year old craftsman home is far different than replacing the siding on a home built in 1995.

When replacing a homes siding, homes built during different time periods must be treated uniquely due to their varying ages, architectural styles, and complexities. Properly addressing these factors ensures the preservation of historical integrity and enhances the home's overall appearance and durability.

You’ll want to know that your siding replacement contractor has worked on a home similar to yours, and has good references to prove it. Siding repair is crucial as it addresses issues with existing siding, such as structural damage, mold, and mildew, which can impact your home's value and occupants' health.

At Lifetime Remodeling Systems we provide different reference packets to our clients depending on the project type (i.e Craftsman renovations, EIFS replacement, Hardieplank, Cedar Siding or Cultured Stone) so that our clients know that we specialize in those fields.

One Of Our Happy Exterior Remodeling Clients

3. Check Online Reviews & Ratings

Not All Contractors Are The Same | Take The Time To Read Their Reviews

Online reviews, accreditations, and background checks are critical to check before hiring a siding replacement company. Some areas to focus on are;

  • Check Google Reviews, Angieslist Reviews, and overall online review presence. A great Portland siding replacement contractor will have over 100 reviews with at least a 4.7 start Google rating. If they have a bad review read the contractor’s response as many bad reviews for good companies are unfair and the response gives you additional insight into the type of contractors integrity. It is also important to choose a reputable siding company with a strong track record and excellent customer service.
  • How long has the company been in business? Companies 15 years or older have proven they can weather the different economic cycles, and if they have 100+ reviews show you they are executing their craft at a high level over along period of time. Additionally, consider the benefits of James Hardie siding, known for its durability, weather-resistance, and premium quality, making it a top choice in the industry.

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4. Verify Licenses and Insurance of the Siding Contractor

Do The Research Or Pay The Price

  • Ensure that any contractor you consider is licensed and insured. In Oregon, contractors must be licensed by the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB). You can verify a contractor's license and check for any complaints or disciplinary actions on the CCB website. Additionally, ask for proof of insurance to protect yourself from liability in case of accidents or damages during the project.
  • Oregon CCB Contractor Lookup: This will give you a full history of the company including whether their insurance & bond is active, their entire complaint history and more. The #1 place to start when considering a siding contractor for your project.

5. Request Multiple Quotes

Demand To Be Educated, Not Sold To

  • Request up to 3 quotes from reputable contractors after checking licensing and online reviews
  • A great siding replacement contractor should educate, not sell to you. A typical appointment should not need to last more than 1 hour, and the siding contractors' focus should be to educate you about their process, their installation techniques, who's doing the installation and their quality control systems.
  • Siding contractors who only try to sell you on their product should not be hired. Anybody can sell a product like Hardieplank, however you should be interested in their quality control process, the crews who will be installing the siding and the person who is running the project as these are the things that lea to a great siding replacement experience.
Craftsman Siding Project We Completed | SE Portland
Craftsman Exterior Renovation We Completed | SE Portland

6. Review Portfolios & Past Projects

Ask your contractor to provide pictures of their previous work to verify that they specialize in your project type. Great siding companies will have many pictures to showcase for you of past siding project they've completed.  We use iPad Pro's to showcase our finished projects and proudly showcase them to our potential clients at the initial consultation.

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7. Ask Questions!

Make sure to meet with your prospective contractor in person as you can tell a lot about someone when you interact with them directly. A quality siding contractor should provide you with enough information at the initial meeting that the majority of the questions you have will be answered

Make sure to get answers to any unanswered questions you have about their process, quality control, and materials being used. Discuss your individual project in detail and gauge their enthusiasm for your particular project.

Siding Replacement Project We Completed | Lake Oswego, OR
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Lifetime Remodeling Systems has been renovating exteriors in Portland for over 25 years.  We pride ourselves in providing award winning siding, roofing and window replacement services teaming with top manufacturers such as Hardieplank, Milgard Windows, Marvin Windows, and GAF Roofing allowing us to fully upgrade our clients homes while giving them the design options they demand providing aesthetic, and functional upgrades to the exterior of their homes.

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Our Project Consultants meet with you onsite to evaluate your project, provide a detailed professional quote, and should you move forward with our firm your project consultant will also manage your project personally. This ensures that you have met the person who'll be managing your project up front and are comfortable with their management style, as well as their knowledge of the project.

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Unlike most siding replacement companies, we take pride in the fact that all of our exterior crews are employed directly by us. We do not subcontract our projects to the lowest bidder. Our dedicated crews have been working with us for many years and are widely recognized as some of the finest siding, window, and roofing installers on the West Coast.

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