Typical Kitchen Remodel Costs | Portland, OR

Kitchen remodeling projects in Portland can vary widely in cost depending on the type of project you're looking to have done. Check out our Kitchen Remodeling Page for more information on our company and our processes. To see some of our completed projects check out our Google blog here.

We try to simplify things for our clients and break our kitchen remodeling projects into three general categories;

Kitchen Remodel | Refresh

Modernizing an Outdated Kitchen

Budget $75,000-$85,000

A rough estimate for a minor kitchen remodel affords you a refreshed look without any layout changes or additions.

Our entry level kitchen remodel typically covers mid-range quartz countertops, premium paint, semi-custom cabinets, new hardware, new backsplash, and a new mid-range sink and faucet.

Kitchen Remodel | Midrange

Opening Up A New Space For Entertaining

Budget $85,000-$115,000

The heart of your home should not have frustrating features. Lack of storage or flow can effect even the best kitchen style.

Our mid range kitchen remodel provides room for a refreshed lay out, minor structural changes, as well as updates to electrical and plumbing. At this level of renovation we are able to solve functional problems, create more space, and add modern kitchen convenience features.

This remodel may also include new flooring, high-end counters, custom cabinets, high-end sink and fixtures, custom tile and millwork, and premium paint.

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Kitchen Remodel | High-End

Luxury Kitchen Remodel

Budget $100,000-$150,000+

Approximate cost on an extensive full scale luxury kitchen remodel will be determined by custom features, high-end finishes, unique design details, specialized storage and everything in-between.

Typical high-end kitchens include extensive structural changes, opening up the old kitchen to other rooms creating an entirely new layout, designer flooring and tile, custom millwork, luxury finishes, professional grade appliances, and new lighting throughout.

Create a space you love being in with timeless custom cabinets and modern convenience like built-in refrigerators and hidden narrow pull-our drawers, add new space for a coffee bar or beverage station, or update a kitchen island with integrated appliances.

More Kitchen Remodeling Cost Considerations

Determine Your Kitchen Remodel Budget
Once you've determined your budget (Refresh, Midrange or High-End) it's time to start designing your kitchen. If you hire a Design/Build company than you can work with their design team to design the kitchen range you've selected, and their team will ensure that you are designing within the budget guidelines you've set forth. If you are designing the kitchen and hiring a contractor to execute your design than you must ensure that you are communicating clearly with the contractor on the design and making sure that the design you're creating is staying with your budget parameters.

Stick To The Remodel Budget
We've found that sticking to a base budget makes a remodeling project far more approachable. When you're in the design phase you want to add all kinds of bells and whistles to the project because it's fun! Our in-house design team designs to a base budget and we itemize out the items that aren't necessary so our clients can determine whether the additional cost makes sense. This allows a foundation for the remodeling project to be created with the bells and whistles added a la carte.

Plan For Unforeseen Construction Surprises
We recommend setting aside 20% of your budget for contingency items. Some items that may come up are dry rot of the subfloor/framing during demo, mold issues, and electric or plumbing that is not up to code that needs to be replaced.

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