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Hardieplank | A Name You Can Trust
HardiePlank® is a fantastic alternative for residing your NW home. HardiePlank® can't be beat for durability, design options and longevity when it comes to all available exterior cladding. LRS has been installing Hardieplank for 12 years on all types of homes protecting our clients largest investment for years to come.

LRS has in house installers who are specifically trained on installing all types of Hardieplank siding including panel and their new Aspyre lineup. Unfortunately there are many installers in our market who use "new construction" methods to install Hardieplank meaning they cut corners which leads to a failed job within 10 years. Installed correctly per HardiePlank® specs your new siding should last 30-50 years and need minimal maintenance throughout it's lifetime.

Some of the siding installation errors we commonly see are;

  1. Caulking field seams leading to cracking and bleed through resulting in costly maintenance or replacement within 5 years
  2. Nailing at too high of a pressure (Hardieplank specifies 90 PSI or below) causing cracking and complete failure of the siding
  3. Lack or proper flashing systems or incorrect overlap leading to water intrusion inside of the home

Design Choices
Many people don't realize the extensive lineup of products that Hardieplank offers allowing for a wide variety of designs to be matched using their product lines. See below for some of the different projects that we've used HardiePlank® on to achieve the design our client was looking for;

Portland Hardieplank Experts | Lifetime Remodeling
Craftsman Renovation | Hardieplank Lap Siding

Portland Hardieplank Experts | Lifetime Remodeling
Mid Century Modern | Hardieplank & Meranti Hardwood

Rated #1 Return on Investment
HardiePlank siding costs less than wood, is water resistant, pest-resistant, non-combustible, and climate zone rated. From curb appeal to durability, HardiePlank products protect your investment. Read more about the JamesHardie value here.

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