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NW Portland EIFS Replacement Project

What We Did
This NW Portland siding replacement project included EIFS removal, major dry rot repairs to the columns and around window where water intrusion was occurring, HardiePlank lap siding, HardieTrim, & brick accents. LRS specializes in EIFS replacement.

EIFS Replacement Issues
EIFS (exterior insulation & finish system) is a hybrid stucco system that includes 1-2 inches of Styrofoam applied directly to the plywood sheathing with a thin stucco coating sprayed on to the Styrofoam. This system has many advantages including lower cost than traditional stucco, the ability to pre-form the Styrofoam to any shape making it easy to create custom designs, Mediterranean styles etc... Unfortunately there is a dark side to EIFS which has been discovered over the last 20 years. The Styrofoam paneling traps moisture against the sheathing (it's like having a sponge on your house) creating major mold and dry rot issues that must be addressed.

How Do We Handle EIFS Replacement?
The first step when dealing with EIFS replacement is to meet with one of our project consultants that specialize in EIFS replacement.

Step 1 (Meet Onsite): Our project consultant will meet you onsite, look over the EIFS siding for any issues (caulking failed at windows, gutters terminating into the EIFS, dark staining etc...) and give you an idea of how much damage may be behind the EIFS cladding based on the "eyeball" test. Many clients will have actual moisture reading taken as well to determine the level of moisture behind the cladding which gives a more accurate assessment of the potential dry rot and mold damage.

Step 2 (Design): Design must be considered when replacing EIFS as the majority of our clients don't put stucco back on the home choosing other siding types such as Hardieplank or cedar as well as stone accents. We also offer Castia Stone for our clients looking to maintain that Mediterranean appeal. The importance of redesigning a home with EIFS is to "let the house tell you what to do". If the home has a strong Mediterranean look with many arches and accents than we try and match that style as opposed to forcing a look (such as NW contemporary) with the new products that we are putting on the home. Many EIFS homes can be transitioned to a NW contemporary look using cedar or HardiePlank lap siding and stone accents. Every house is different and we focus on good design that fits the house as that gives our clients the highest ROI on their project as well as the satisfaction of a great looking home.

Step 3 (Quote): Once a design has been determined we can put a quote together for the client (we typically will quote 2 or 3 different design options) so that they can choose a design that works for their budget and get on our schedule.

How Are We Different From Other Siding Contractors?
LRS is the most award winning siding contractor in the Portland metro area. We have been the highest rated AngiesList.com Super Service Award Winner for 12 straight years, we are the top ranked Hardie Elite Preferred in Oregon, we have won the Big 50 Award from Remodeling Magazine as well as the Market Leadership Award from Professional Remodeler Magazine.

In House Crews: LRS uses in-house crews that have been hand picked over the years as they meet our requirements for professionalism and quality. Our crews have been with us for a minimum of 3 years (many for over 10) and are passionate about what they do. We also have project consultants that are with our client from start to finish. We are the only company of our size in Portland that does not use sub contractors to do the work for our clients. Our goal is to be a mid sized company with a small, boutique

Project Consultants (Not salesman): Unlike other siding companies that send out a salesman only to hand you off to other less qualified people once the sale is made our Project Consultants (including the owner) quote your project and manage the project until the end. All of our Project Consultants have extensive experience in the remodeling field insuring that you are working with an expert from start to finish.

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If you’ve done the research and feel that we are a good fit for your remodeling project give us a call at 503-242-4242 or Request An Estimate and one of our professional project managers will contact you, answer any questions and schedule a free in-home consultation.

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