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Cracking Hardieplank (Improper Nailing), & Failed Caulking @ Field Seams Are Very Common Installation Issues with Hardieplank

Repair or Replace My Siding, That's The Question?
Lifetime Remodeling Systems see's many clients with siding issues that don't need full replacement. Often siding failure is only occurring on one or two sides of the home and with targeted repairs we can fix the issues without needing to replace all of the siding on the home saving our customers thousands of dollars in the process.

The Process
When you Contact Us regarding your siding issue you will be contacted by one of our project consultants who will get some basic information and schedule an onsite consultation to determine if partial or full replacement is necessary. Our PC's utilize moisture meters, and years of expertise to find the problem areas and explain to our client what is the likely cause of the issue(s) and how to properly fix them. Unfortunately we repair many issues that were already "repaired" by other firms utilizing the same faulty installation methods that led to the siding to fail. Our goal is to determine the correct way to do the repair(s) so our clients do the job once insuring.

Do It Right, The First Time
Our goal at LRS is to insure that the work we do is done correctly and that we can stand behind it. Many construction defect firms take your hard earned $$$ only to do shoddy repairs with unqualified people that have to be done over again (We fix many other companies poor quality installs or repairs). If you are looking to deal with your exterior siding defect issues one time, done right than we are the company for you. Meet with one of our expert project consultants to determine the issues, and get an action plan to get the repairs done quickly, and correctly the first time.

Ready For An Estimate? Contact Us
Once you've researched our firm and are comfortable with us feel free to reach out and Contact Us for a free estimate. Not quite ready to have us out? No problem download our Free Information Packet for more information on our company and our processes.

Construction Defect Expert | Portland, OR
Window Leak Resulting From Improper Flashing
Construction Defect Experts | Portland, OR
Plywood Failure Due To Flashing Issues/Moisture Intrusion

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