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SE Portland Dormer Addition

EIFS Replacement | Cedar/Stone Finished
Project Details

This client needed to add additional space and another bathroom to their SE Portland home as they had a new addition coming to the family. They loved their house and the neighborhood that they were in so they hired us to design & build a dormer which would add 500 s/f of usable space in the attic area creating a master suite with a walk in closet and master bathroom. This allowed them to convert the room they were in into a nursery for the new baby and gave them a master suite of their own to relax.

FIR Program

Remodeling older homes in Portland comes with many challenges. At LRS we specialize in working on older homes and have the resources and knowledge necessary to make the process a smooth one.  We are part of the FIR program for Portland metro which means we have our own inspector assigned to us for all phases of the project. This allows us to coordinate with our inspector before work begins  to insure that everything that was designed will pass the strict new codes that the city is enforcing eliminating the hassles that many contractors face when having multiple different inspectors signing off on different phases of their jobs. When working on older homes it is imperative that you work with a contractor who is enrolled in the FIR program as it eliminates many of the issues that cause remodeling projects to have multiple delays that can turn a 4 week project into a 3 month nightmare.

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EIFS Replacement | Cedar/Stone Beautiful
EIFS Replacement | Completed
EIFS Replacement | Cedar/Stone Beautiful
EIFS Replacement | Completed
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