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EIFS Replacement | Cedar/Brick

EIFS Replacement | Cedar/Stone After
Project Details

This was an exterior renovation on a large home that was sided originally with EIFS cladding (Exterior Insulation & Finish System). EIFS is essentially 1 to 1 ½ inches of Styrofoam attached directly to the plywood sheathing with a finish stucco coat applied over the Styrofoam. Styrofoam attached to a wood substrate is a very poor choice in our climate as the Styrofoam traps (and absorbs) excess moisture creating a perfect environment for dry rot and mold to occur.

This is what we call a “front only” EIFS replacement project. Many homes that have EIFS have it on the front elevation only which makes for a quicker (and less expensive transformation). When dealing with a “front only” we will take into account the siding type on the sides and back (typically Hardieplank or cedar) and match it. By adding additional accents (i.e. Cultured Stone o Brick) we can dress up the front for maximum curb appeal.

This project had a large amount of dry rot on the front columns and walls that had to be addressed before the new siding could be installed. LRS has in-house carpenters that can handle any and all dry rot and framing issues unlike most siding companies who have to go outside of their company for major framing and dry rot repairs. This can cause a project to grind to a halt leading to frustration for the homeowner and an elongated process. At LRS we pride ourselves at being able to handle larger, more difficult projects with ease.

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EIFS Replacement | Cedar/Stone before
EIFS Replacement | Cedar/Stone After
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