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Why Replace Your Siding?

Siding does more than simply cover the exterior of your home, it provides instant curb appeal, protects the home from moisture intrusion and creates the overall style of your home. When it comes time to reside your home you need to focus on 5 key elements to determine what type of siding to choose, the design process as well as whether it is a good investment or not. A great siding job will add to the aesthetics of the home as well as add tremendous value, a poor quality job will not. Read below for some tips when considering residing your home.


At LRS we like to say do it right, do it once. Unfortunately many projects we take on have already had their siding replaced with poor quality products which leads to the client having to "reside their reside". First and foremost you want to choose high end, proven products to side your home with and at LRS we recommend Hardieplank and Cedar as our two options of choice.

Hardieplank: If you are looking for the ultimate in durability, Hardieplank is the go to product as it doesn't have issues that wood products have such as potential for dry rot, insect or bird damage, or an inability to hold paint longer term. Hardieplank comes in many different styles and can be used to create a multitude of different design options from a 1920's craftsman, to a NW contemporary.

Cedar: Cedar has been used to side homes for well over 100 years and for good reason. It is the most durable wood cladding on the market due to the oils that build up in the tree as it ages creating a natural protection against rot and insect infiltration. We use cedar to restore older homes and when coupled with our proprietary flashing and drainage systems our cedar jobs are built to stand the test of time.


Similar to durability you don't want a siding that has continual maintenance costs year after year. Unfortunately even if you choose a high quality siding product it can fail if improperly installed causing costly upkeep and maintenance that should never have occured. Most companies installing siding today are using sub contractors for all of the work and have very little quality control mechanisms in place. Unfortunately this typically leads to the siding failing within 8-12 years (The average siding job lasts 11.7 years) and forces the homeowner to spend $$$ on costly repairs or full replacement. At LRS we only use In-House crews and our quality control is second to none which is why we have the strongest warranty in the business.

Good Design

Curb appeal affects the value of your home tremendously and is why residing your house is one of the best investments that you can make. According to Remodeling Magazines Cost vs. Value Report residing has the #1 Return On Investment of any remodeling project you can do. Unfortunately many siding companies only sell one or two product lines and force their salesman to push these products to all of their prospective clients whether it fits the design of their home or not. At LRS we have access to a multitude of product lines to insure we not only maintain the existing style of the house, we enhance it. Check out our Gallery of Homes to see some of our work.


Most siding companies don't understand design and aren't willing to help their clients get the design they want. Many siding contractors I talk to say "color is the clients problem, let me know what t is and I'll put it on the house". At LRS we have color consultants available free of charge to our clients as we know that the correct color is one of the most important choices of the project and if our client doesn't get the color right than they won't be happy with the final outcome. We use high-quality paints from the Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore catalogs giving our clients access to the best colors available today.

Resale Value

While residing your home can be a great way to add style, and durability to the exterior of your home it is also a great investment. The day we finish a project we have added 95-105% of the cost of the job to your homes value. This means that the equity you accrue moving forward is based on the new valuation of your home and you will recoup the entire cost of the project over time.

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