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Gino Streano | President: Gino runs the company and is also a project consultant for exterior remodeling (siding, roofing & window replacement). Gino is a 40 under 40 award winner, has extensive knowledge of exterior remodeling and has run all of our largest projects over the years. Gino has guided LRS to be one of the top rated remodeling companies in Portland and is excited to lead the finest team of remodelers in the area.

Scott Herndon | General Manager: Scott owned and ran a siding and window replacement company for 15 years before joining our team. Scott is an expert in exterior remodeling having installed siding and windows on over 1000 homes as well as run all of his projects personally. After joining our team Scott has contributed greatly to the success of our company and is one of our most sought after project consultants.

Amanda Kenaston | Office & Accounting Manager: Amanda joined our team in September 2018, bringing over ten years of experience in the construction industry. As the Office & Accounting Manager, Amanda oversees the accounting department and financial reporting, human resources, contract and insurance administration, and our safety program. Her integral addition to operational management has streamlined internal systems, and ensures processes remain consistent.

Jaime Salas | Production Manager (Exteriors): Jaime was one of our top crew leads for 10 years and transitioned into helping to manage our projects, train our incoming crews and focus on our quality control processes. Jaime has worked on all of our largest projects has extensive knowledge on the exterior side.

Jeremy Blackman | Project Consultant (Remodel): Jeremy is a great addition to our team as he has vast experience in interior and exterior carpentry. Jeremy was a lead carpenter for numerous high-end firms in the area as well as ran his own remodeling company working on high-end interior and exterior projects. Jeremy has extensive construction knowledge regarding the design/build process and isn’t afraid to grab the tool belt and get his hands dirty with the crews that he manages.

Ryan Vallance | Project Consultant (Exteriors): Ryan is a great addition to our team and brings extensive remodeling experience including production management, earthquake retrofit experience, energy efficiency retrofits and more. Having such a braod base of expertise in the construction field has allowed Ryan to excel at our firm, helping our clients acheive the exterior of their dreams.

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