Castia Stone Exterior Siding

 Castia Stone Siding Project

Looks Good, Protects Better
Castia Stone protects your home from dry rot and mold while increasing its value and charm. Thanks to a sealed concrete construction and Innovative “Rainscreen” Technology, our unique siding material provides a barrier between your home and the elements.
Castia Stone is priced competitive with brick, hard coat stucco, and other pre-cast stone veneers.

Manufactured Stone Veneer

All Castia Stone products are manufactured with high-strength concrete, aggregate, sand and water. The stone is processed through an automated dispersing and mixing system and then poured into forms. Once the forms are filled and brackets are installed, the stone is cured in an environment where humidity and temperature are constantly controlled. This intense curing cycle ensures the consistency of quality, durability and color of all Castia Stone products.

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Rainscreen Technology
Castia Stone rainscreen The Castia Stone “rainscreen” design creates a continuous 1/2” airspace between the stone siding and the structure of your home or building, which allows ventilation and drainage to occur. This means you can say goodbye to trapped moisture, dry rot and mold. Castia Stone quality is proven through product development and testing.

Specially engineered brackets are used to hang Castia Stone and create the continuous ½” airspace. These brackets are embedded into the concrete before curing and are designed to withstand average pullout strengths in excess of 200 pounds.

Venting and Draining
One of the most important features of the Castia Stone siding system is the rainscreen design which allows proper moisture drainage and ventilation. When installed properly, the Castia Stone siding system will deflect any moisture directed at the building. If moisture does penetrate the siding, it will be channeled directly outward because of Castia Stone’s innovative bracketing system that creates the continuous ½” gap between the siding and the actual structure. This air space prevents trapped moisture, which may lead to dry rot and mold.

Trapped moisture is the leading cause of building failure, and other products like stucco, wood siding, natural stone and other pre-cast products do not feature this space for venting and draining. Moisture may not only enter from the outside, but condensation from inside may also migrate from the building interior and become trapped between the structure and exterior façade. The Castia Stone siding system allows any moisture that travels through the walls to vent outwards.

Pre-cast stone has been used in construction for hundreds of years with proven strength and durability. It is manufactured to withstand the abuse of natural elements such as rain, hail and ultraviolet rays.

Color Throughout
All Castia Stone products are mixed with naturally occurring iron oxide colors which allow for a natural variance in color. While UV rays will slightly affect any color, this color throughout system allows the product to stand up to harsh rays of the sun.

Year-Round Installation
Unlike some masonry products, Castia Stone can be installed regardless of weather and temperature conditions.

Many Designs to Choose From
Available in a variety of colors, textures, and richly crafted moldings, Castia Stone offers unlimited design possibilities to enhance many architectural styles.

Environmentally Conscious
Castia Stone is made up of concrete consisting of cement, aggregate, sand, coloring and water, unlike many exterior siding products it does not impact our forests. Pre-cast concrete is formed through a natural chemical reaction.

Low Maintenance
Remove dirt with water. Castia Stone requires no painting because the color is in the mix. If necessary, individual tiles can be replaced easily.

Castia Stone is backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

Siding Types

Randon Chiseled Castia Stone Chiseled Stone

Classic & Random

Slate flat Castia Stone Tiles

Slate & Flat



MLD1A 1 Window & door trim

Moldings #1, #2, #3

MLD836E 1 Window sill

Moldings #8, #9

CRN136S 1 Soffit details

Cornice for classical look

BASE2 1 Base trim

Bases #1, #2


ABK112 1 Blocks

Corbels & mounting blocks

WCP315T 1 Caps

Wall & pier caps

PLN118E 1 Columns

From capital to base

KEY4b 1 Keystones

Decorative accents