Portland Cedar Siding Experts

High-Quality, Superior Installation, Great Looks
Lifetime Remodeling System's premium cedar siding by Lakeside Lumber is installed by in-house professionals and painted with Sherwin Williams Resillience or factory stained providing our customer's with a beautiful exterior that will last for decades.

Lifetime Remodeling Systems prides itself on using the very best cedar siding available as well as accessories that will guarantee you a quality exterior that you can be proud of which is why we partner with Lakeside Lumber.

Variety, Professional Instalation
Lifetime Remodeling Systems uses certified siding installers and gives you a variety of cedar siding styles such as tight knot, clear vertical grain or specialty styles such as skirl or tongue & groove. Lifetime Remodeling Systems also offers a wide variety of premium shake cedar shingles which adds a unique look to any home. 

Better Materials, Better Installation = A Better Warranty
Our cedar siding installations include stainless steel ring shank nails, premium elastomeric caulking, Grace Rain and Ice Shield flexible flashing and a breathable, drainable moisture barrier system. We paint your new pre-primed cedar siding with Sherwin Williams Resillience Paint which comes with a lifetime warranty against blistering, peeling and cracking. All of our siding is installed by in-house crews who are highly trained to install cedar of all types. Take a look at our Cedar Contractor Comparison page to get an in-depth view of the difference in quality that we provide to our customer's.

Cedar Siding Choices

Bevel Siding
Bevel Siding is the natural choice for re-siding homes in the Northwest. We offer two choices of bevel siding for our customers, clear vetical grain and tight knot allowing you to get the look that you want for your home while protecting for the decades to come.

CVG Smooth
Cedar lap siding
CVG Re-Sawn Bevel

Cedar lap siding
CVG Rufferhead Bevel
Cedar lap siding
Tight-Knot Bevel
Tightknot cedar lap siding


Cedar Shingles
Cedar Shakes are available natural, primed, or pre-finished with a semi-transparent oil stain. These panels are made of 100% kiln-dried Western Red Cedar for a look that you will love.

Western Red Cedar Shingle
Cedar shingle siding